Modern Walk-In Hen House


Give your chickens a coop with lots of space, features and fashion! The Zylina Modern Walk-In Hen House  92.5" (L) x 42.5" (W) x 71.5"(H) was designed with extra exterior and interior roosting areas for chickens with 5 perches, a protected foraging area to keep the wind and rain out, 2 separate nesting areas and a slanted PVC roof which keeps rainwater from accumulating in the coop areas. Stylish design includes door accents, black hardware and black PVC roof! Includes easy to read instructions and assembly hardware.

  • Size- 92.5 (L) x 42.5 (W) x 71.5(H)
  • 8 Bird House
  • White with PVC Black Roof
  • Two Separate Nesting Areas with Nesting Boxes
  • Free Range Door for Easy Foraging
  • Five (5) Roosting Bars to Prevent Flock Fighting
  • Modern Fashion Design