Modern Universal Poultry Pen


The Zylina Modern Universal Poultry Pen gives plenty of space for your flock to free range!  This Pen is made of natural wood with a modern white finish and black hardware and looks great with other products in the Zylina Modern family.  Half of the roof is covered with a stylish PVC roof to provide abundant shade and there are 2 openings for nesting and roosting boxes so your hens have plenty of space to play and plenty of space to lay!  The Modern Universal Poultry Pen also has a large full-sized walk-in door that provides plenty of space to enter.  This Pen is great for chickens in cold or hot climates.  Assembled Dimensions: 90" X 156" X 80".

  • Stylish modern white design with black PVC roof and black accent hardware!
  • 2 Openings perfect for Zylina Nesting & Roosting Boxes
  • Full-sized door provides easy access to clean
  • Plenty of space to free range....housing up to 20 chickens
  • Dimensions of the Zylina Modern Universal Poultry Pen: 90" X 156" X 80"