Modern Duck Barn


NOTE:  The Modern Duck Barn will be back in stock August 24.  Orders will be shipped on or around that date.

The Zylina Modern Duck Barn duck house gives your brood, flock and waddle the perfect home to thrive!  This spacious duck house is designed with 2 full sized entrances for accessing the interior.  You can enter from the rear of the duck house or directly into the barn through the full-sized doors!  The Zylina Modern Duck Barn duck house gives your flock a healthy environment by providing a raised wire floor to keep feet dry.  With a built in pool for swimming, the Zylina Modern Duck Barn duck house is sure to bring happiness to your flock!  Assembled Dimensions: 128.1" X 78.3" X 80.9"

  • Easy access to clean!
  • Built in pool for wading!!
  • Raised floor to keep feet dry!
  • Two spacious entrances
  • Includes easy to read assembly instructions
  • Weatherproof finish!
  • Stylish PVC roof designed to direct rainwater away
  • Stylish modern white design with black roof and black accent hardware!