Healthy Grubs - 30oz Bag


Zylina Healthy Grubs…a nutritious treat for Chickens that is packed with essential nutrients including protein, calcium, healthy fat, phosphorus, fiber and lysine.  Made from premium dried black soldier fly larvae, Zylina Healthy Grubs promote healthy feather growth, strong egg shells and an improved immune system.  The perfect treat for chickens…sprinkle in the Chicken Coop or on a Zylina Chicken Picnic Table!  Also try Zylina Healthy Dried Mealworms!

·        - High Protein Chicken Treat

        - 100% Natural Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae

·        - Promotes Chicken Health and Nutrition

·        - Available in 10oz, 30oz & 5lb Bags

·        - Resealable Pouch