Healthy Mealworms - 10oz Bag


Zylina Healthy Mealworms for Chickens are a tasty and nutritious treat your flock will love! Rich in protein and great for molting support, Zylina Healthy Mealworms are a hen favorite! Zylina Healthy Mealworms support healthy feather growth, strong egg shells and a improved immune system, . Zylina...Connecting Lifestyle With Nature. A portion of Zylina proceeds support Plant With Purpose to address global poverty and environmental damage. Zylina Poultry products include Coops, Nesting Boxes, Dried Mealworms, Perches & Pens.

·        - High Protein Chicken Treat

          - 100% Natural Dried Mealworms

·        - Promotes Chicken Health and Nutrition

·        - Available in 10oz, 30oz & 5lb Bags, 20lb Bucket

·        - Resealable Pouch