Plant with Purpose

TransformationPlant with Purpose agrees to ensure that 1 tree is plant­ed for each $1 donated from sale proceeds.

Did you know that 85% of families who currently experience poverty are rural? These families rely heavily on the land for a living. Plant With Purpose believes that trees are one of the most effective tools to reverse rural poverty. All Plant With Purpose trees are planted in a manner that actually addresses the root causes of rural poverty and helps families flourish.

Plant With Purpose trees are planted through community partnerships. These trees are almost always planted by families on land that surrounds family farms, homes, churches, and community spaces. We use a wide variety of techniques including agroforestry, community forestry, Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration or other techniques that empower and equip local communities to better steward their land.

Plant With Purpose aims to encourage planting of native species to the extent possible, but since they take a strong community partnership model, their trees are often species that produce fruit, animal fodder, or have other helpful benefits to farms and families. Many communities plant native species along riverbanks, steep slopes, bordering parks, and other shared spaces.

However the trees are planted, the end goal is always to create sustainable growth in rural communities while promoting healthy, flourishing watersheds.